Bhai Dooj | Bhai Dooj 2022

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Bhai dooj is a holy festival of Hindu’s. Like Rakshabandhan, the festival of Bhai Dooj is a symbol of mutual love and affection between brother and sister. Bhai dooj is a festival celebrated by Hindus on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar or of Shalivahan Shaka calendar month of Kartika. It is celebrated during the Diwali festival

Bhai dooj 2022 according to Hindu calendar

Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on  27 October 2022
Timing of Tilak on Bhai Dooj is between 12:14 and 12:47 pm.

Bhai Dooj | Bhai Dooj 2022

Bhai Dooj Celebration reason.

The story behind the Bhai Dooj –

The name of the wife of Lord Surya Narayan was Chhaya.  Yamraj and Yamuna were born from his womb.  Yamuna used to love Yamraj very much.  She would request him to come to his house and have food with his favorite friends.  Yamraj, who was busy with his work, kept postponing the matter.  The day of Kartik Shukla arrived.  Yamuna again invited Yamraj for food that day, and promised him to come to his house. Yamraj thought that I was going to lose his life.  Nobody wants to invite me to their home.  It is my duty to follow the goodwill with which my sister is calling me.  While coming to his sister’s house, Yamraj freed the living beings who lived in hell.  Yamuna’s happiness knew no bounds when she saw Yamraj coming to her home.  He took a bath after worshiping and served food to him.  Yamraj, pleased with the hospitality extended by Yamuna, ordered the sister to ask for a boon.  Yamuna said that Bhadra!  You come to my house on this day every year.  Like me, the sister who treats her brother with respect on this day should not be afraid of you.  Yamraj gave the invaluable garments to Yamuna by saying ‘Tatastu’ and made the way to Yamlok.  From this day onwards the tradition of the festival was formed.  It is believed that those who accept hospitality do not fear Yama.  That is why Yamraj and Yamuna are worshiped on Bhaiya Dooj.

How Bhai Dooj Is Celebrated.

On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, sister performs tika on brother’s forehead, performs aarti and prays for his long life.  This practice is centuries old.  On this day sister invites her brother to her house and feeds them at her home.  After this, by giving them dry coconut, she prays for their happiness, prosperity and happiness.  It is a mythological belief that on the day of Bhai Dooj, eating food at sisters’ house increases the age of the brother.
While doing Tika on Bhai Dooj, sister should chant this mantra for brother-

गंगा पूजे यमुना को
यमी पूजे यमराज को,
सुभद्रा पूजा कृष्‍ण को ।
गंगा-यमुना नीर बहे,
मेरे भाई की आयु बढ़े ।।

Bhai Dooj and Rakshabandhan Difference.

There is no big differences between Bhai Dooj and Rakshabandhan

bhai dooj history.

There are many mythological stories behind the celebration of Bhaiya Dooj festival, the most popular of which is the story of Goddess Yami and her brother Yamraj. We written that story above.

bhai dooj english quotes.

Top ten quotes for bhai Dooj-
1. “A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.” – Unknown
2. “Who needs superheroes when you have a brother.”
3.  “A brother is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit.”
4. “A brother is someone who knows there’s something wrong even when you have the biggest smile on your face.
5. “Siblings: children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” – Sam Levenson
6.  “Be nice to your siblings, they’re your best link to your past and the most likely to stay with you in the future.” – Baz Lurhmann
7. “A brother is a friend given by Nature.” – Jean Baptiste Legouve
8. “Your siblings are the only people in the world who know what it’s like to have been brought up the way you were.” – Betsy Cohen
9. Brothers are like bright rays of sun bringing warmth and happiness in the life of their sisters. Wishing you a happy and blissful Bhai Dooj, brother.
10. “Our siblings. They resemble us just enough to make all their differences confusing, and Love no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast in relation to them our whole lives long.” – Susan Scarf Merrell

Bhai dooj wishes for younger brother

Top 5 Bhai Dooj Wishes for Younger Brother.
1. Though we now walk different paths 🛣️, I feel better knowing that my brother is nearby. Happy Bhai Dooj.
2. Bhaj Dooj wishes to my brother who deserves all the best. 😍Today is big Day to be above the rest!
3. “My little brother is now very big, though you may be tall, you will always be little😁. Have a best on Bhai Dooj 🥰!”
4. I’m lucky to have a funny bro like you 😆. Happy Bhai Dooj
5. You used to enjoy being naughty and mischievous when you were little, brother, and I’m glad to see that… 😊😊

Bhai Dooj Essay In English 10 Lines

1.Bhai Dooj , Bhaiya Dooj or Bhai Tika is a Hindu festival.

2.It comes in the month of October or November ( Kartika month according to Hindu calendar)

3. It is celebrated during Diwali after one day.

4. Bhai Dooj is a festival of brother and sister bonding.

5 On this day, sister or brother visit each others places.

6. A ritual is followed with dry coconut ( gola) with kalawa tied on the wrist of brother with a Tilak on brother’s forehead.

7 Sisters pray for long life, health , wealth and prosperity of their brothers .

8. Brothers take pledges to protect their sisters.

9. Brothers give gifts to their sisters.

10 Sweets and delicious food are served during this festival.

Bhai Dooj Food.

You can cook variety of foods on occasion of Bhai Dooj. We are sharing some foods Idea that you can cook on Bhai Dooj.
1. Halwa
2. Sevainy
3. Kheer
4. Healthy snacks
5. Some Mithaai’s

Bhai Dooj Bhojpuri Movie

Top 5  Bhojpuri movies list that is free on YouTube should be watched on Bhai Dooj-

1. Bhai hokehe to aisan

2. Raksha Bandhan

3. Beti No. One

4. Ghar Ki Bahu

5. Raksha Bandhan


So we can say bhai dooj is not much differ with Rakshabandhan. We hope that we covered all your Bhai Dooj Related Quarries. If Something missing please write down in comment or contact us.


Q.What is Bhai Dooj festival called in Odisha?
Bhai dooj festival is called Bhai Jiuntia in Odisha.

Q.When is bhai dooj 2022 as per hindu calendar?
Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on  27 October 2022

Q. When is bhai dooj 2022 gujarat ?
Bhai Dooj will be celebrated in Gujarat on  27 October 2022.

Q. When is bhai dooj 2022 in west bengal ?
Bhai Dooj will be celebrated in west bengal on  27 October 2022.

Q. When is bhai dooj 2022 in bihar ?
Bhai Dooj in Bihar on  27 October 2022.

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